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Integrative Approaches:  

I target more Integrative & herbal approaches as a first step in treatment, before engaging  in more interventional western medical therapies. 

There is nothing better than Western Medicine for diagnostic work up, however, frequently complementary approaches can be quite effective with much less risk. 


General Medical Complaints: Hypertension, Esophageal reflux, insomnia, chronic fatigue.

Anxiety: Integrative approaches to anxiety without the need for dependency forming medications. 

Pain Management:  Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia

Procedure Descriptions: 


To be completed

Pain Management: 

Holistic approach allowing for your issues as an individual. How to address your issues without the more dependence forming medications. 

Natalie Wood

“To be completed


Prolotherapy injections, Integrative Pain Management, Interventional pain injections, comprehensive pain management

Trigger Point Injections:  
Trigger point injections; use of either local anesthetic or steroid to alleviate the muscle knots & bands.

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Non Insurance Rates


Initial Consultation: 1.0 hour - $200.oo/Hour

  •    Complete review of history & physical exam

  •    Ordering lab studies, Diagnostic studies as necessary

  •    Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

  •    Plan for course of treatment

  •    Research the Integrative Medicine database & Educational materials as necessary


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour - $125.oo/45 minutes

  •     Follow up review & physical exam

  •     Review treatment plan, necessary changes

  •    Labs & notes, diagnostic studies reviewed

  •    Research the Integrative Medicine database & Educational materials

  •     Herbal Recommendations as appropriate


Dry needling treatment as needed: 75.00 per session

Procedures: Prolotherapy, priced based on specific area & technique targeted. 

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